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There’s something you should all know about me...I’m a hugger! If someone is sad in my presence, they’re getting a hug, end of story. I haven’t always been a hugger. This wonderful sometimes intensely sad job has made me one. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Some days are harder than others. When one of our “regular” clients brings in one of their furry family members for the last time, our heart breaks for and with you. We know the feeling. We’ve been there. We also love your furry friend as well.  Our emotions are right on the edge, but we do our best to stay strong for you. Trust me, we will have our moment later. More than anything we want to try and help. Help with what we know is one of the most difficult decisions. Help you prepare for what will come. Help you remember all of the fabulous times you shared, so you can remember how much they made you smile and laugh.  We try to prepare you for the loneliness that’s waiting at home. It’s never easy but we always try to make it just a bit easier. It’s always our goal to make you as aware as possible for what lies ahead for you. Reminding you that it will take time for you to find a new normal, but you will.

Here are some of the things that I think are helpful…

1.) It will be hard when you get home. Most aren’t aware of how much time they dedicate to their animals. When that time is left unfilled it becomes very difficult.  It’s a perfect time for those of you that have other animals at home to help fill that time with love.  
2.) Remember everything wonderful about your furry friend! Look at those adorable pictures, and talk about all the silly things that they used to do. It will almost always make you smile or giggle! They were the best companions and the first to make us laugh. We all need to remember that!
3.) Don’t hesitate to find support. Your loved ones and friends can be very helpful.

There are so many more helpful suggestions at your disposal if you just reach out to someone for help.  I’m more than happy to help.

It’s important that we all check-in with each other in the hospital to make sure we’re all handling things to the best of our abilities.  That’s what makes us a family.  We also put up pictures around the back of the hospital of our furry friends who have crossed the rainbow bridge.  It always helps!

Sometimes the worst part of this for me is hearing some say, “I will never get another pet, it’s too hard”. Sometimes this is said out of pure emotions and sometimes they mean it. It’s so hard to hear because I know we have the best clients and I know that you’re truly THE BEST!!  I know the loving home that they would have and how well they will be well cared for. Animals give us a purpose and happiness unlike anything else. Try not to close your heart! Remember your next best friend might be waiting patiently for you!


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”.  -Anatole France

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